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Disclosure according to sec. 85 German Securities Trading Act and Art. 20 MAR for company PNE AG:

  • The company compiling the analysis or an affiliated company had reached an agreement on the compilation of the research recommendation with the analysed company.
  • The company preparing the analysis as well as its affiliated companies and employees have other important interests in relation to the analysed company, such as, for example, the exercising of mandates at analysed companies.
  • Markings in the chart show rating changes by Warburg Research GmbH in the last 12 months. Every marking details the date and closing price on the day of the rating change.
    Recommendation/Target Price History

    Date Recommendation Target Price Close Price Analyst
    23.11.2022 Buy 26.20 EUR 19.92 EUR Jan Bauer
    26.10.2022 Hold 17.80 EUR 18.74 EUR Jan Bauer
    11.08.2022 Hold 15.60 EUR 15.94 EUR Jan Bauer
    17.05.2022 Hold 12.10 EUR 12.58 EUR Jan Bauer
    04.04.2022 Hold 10.60 EUR 10.28 EUR Jan Bauer

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