Corporate Solutions

The experienced Corporate Solutions (CS) team advises and assists listed and near-listed companies on all capital market related issues. This includes, in particular, raising capital via debt, equity or hybrid capital. The team also deals with the succession planning for family businesses that are close to listing or fundamental questions such as: How useful is a stock exchange listing? How can a stable shareholder structure be achieved? How can capital market awareness be increased? Or: Does the company still need interim financing on its path to listing on the stock exchange?

CS is in continuous dialogue with the companies' decision-makers about strategic development and the associated financing aspects as well as positioning on the capital market and is the first point of contact at Warburg for the decision-makers.

The experience and insights gained from this dialogue are incorporated into cross-divisional cooperation, in particular with the teams from Corporate Finance, Equity Research and Equity Sales as well as Bond Sales, while at all times ensuring conformity with the relevant compliance regulations. In this interdisciplinary interaction, suitable concepts and customised solutions are developed and implemented for the clients. With this integrated approach, the focus is always on the needs and challenges of the customer and not on the individual product.

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