Fixed income sales

Our experienced, dedicated team offers institutional investor’s professional support for their investments in all segments of the fixed income market - from liquid federal bonds to individually structured registered securities. Accompanied by recognised macro research, we are a sought-after advisor for our clients - both in the execution of specific transactions as well as in the holistic support for the optimisation of portfolios. In addition to our international network, we have excellent access to issuers.

Our clients also appreciate our broad spectrum when it comes to managing their short-term liquidity - from classic money market instruments to interesting alternatives such as short-term securities.

Tailor-made and individual.


The Treasury division is responsible for the management of all liquidity and refinancing risks of M.M.Warburg & CO Bank as well as for the management of all interest rate risks of the banking book. The top priority in the management philosophy is resource management, i.e. the cost-efficient and resource-saving compliance with all essential core management parameters including internal and external liquidity requirements.

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