Time is precious. Take back your flexibility by placing the management of your assets in the hands of our professionals. Entrust our experienced portfolio managers with this vitally important responsibility. They keep their eyes on the objective even during the most turbulent market phases – our experts manage your portfolio with a skilled hand.

Guidance in this regard is a binding investment strategy, agreed upon with you, based on your personal financial goals as well as your risk tolerance. Whether a conservative approach or opportunity based and with higher risk: on the basis of comprehensive information, you decide which strategy aligns best with your objectives. Taking these objectives into account, as your asset manager, we handle the investment of your liquid assets and keep you clearly informed about changes and developments within your portfolio.

Depending on your wishes and the scope of your assets you entrust us with, you can choose between asset management in the form of our Warburg Portfolio Funds, our individual portfolio management – with or without individual securities – or strategies tailored specifically to you. This also includes, for example, taking sustainability criteria into account.

For assets exceeding 20,000 euros and clients who want to keep their fingers on the digital pulse of the times, we offer access to the expertise of our portfolio managers via the Warburg Navigator. When it comes to investments, the Warburg Navigator combines the strengths of a robo-adviser with the expertise and decades of experience of asset management at Warburg Bank. This allows investors to delegate the investment decisions to experts and to invest their assets on capital markets over the long term. The digital asset manager invests the money in ETFs and actively managed funds, around the globe in as many as 24 markets.


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