Do you enjoy actively taking part in financial markets and like to make your own investment decisions? Then take advantage of our expert advice and selection of securities. You can benefit from our experts and their market views, which are based on a broad spectrum of economic data.

We provide you with support in dealing with the challenges of the capital market. Thanks to the independence of our bank, we can advise you on the wide world of investment without the influence of institutions and regardless of the providers. In doing so, we can also rely on the assessments of our own analysts. Our Advisory Office selects investment opportunities from a broad range of financial instruments. Our multiple-time award-winning macroeconomic analysis – which shapes our assessments of global economic, interest, and currency developments – forms the starting point for our everyday work and the selection of recommendations by our Advisory Office.

Our experienced advisers are therefore available to you for all matters involving capital markets, and they offer more than just ideas and insights. As part of a collaborative dialogue, they can review your investment decisions and take current developments into account. Based on clear recommended actions and our assessments, we realize your decisions consistently and reliably. And we can react quickly in doing so thanks to direct communication within our bank. It’s up to you to decide how intensely we advise you.


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