Throughout life, you are faced with various questions; needs and situations are constantly changing. Expert planning with foresight is important, especially when it comes to complicated asset structures. This requires experts from a wide range of disciplines. At our company, you will find comprehensive advice relating to fundamental questions as well as targeted support in specific situations. Make use of our Strategic Private Banking Advice or get in touch with us if you have specific questions.

Asset Planning

We support you in the fundamental planning of your assets. Before we can get started putting together a specific portfolio, there are a few basic questions that have to be answered. What are your objectives? What is your tolerance for risk? Are major changes coming to your situation? Are you dealing with succession planning? You can discuss these questions, and many others, with our experts. We take the time to assess your situation, wishes, and ideas to find a suitable long-term solution for your assets.


Our clients have entrusted us with building and maintaining their assets for more than 220 years. We often maintain this relationship with you across generations. We are therefore acutely aware of the importance of timely succession planning or arranging for inheritance. As part of your network of advisers, we work on the conception and implementation of a succession solution tailored to you and ensure that, in addition to other aspects, your personal asset situation is taken into account. Our advisers have undergone technical training in order to properly deal with the complexity of this subject.

Additionally, our Private Banking team works in close concert with the Corporate Finance and Corporate Banking divisions to provide you with expert advice – not only for you as a private individual, but also for you as a business owner. This enables us as a bank to support you in all matters related to succession planning.

Our experience has shown that involving the next generations – your heirs – in the process from an early stage is essential for a successful transition, because passing on wealth also comes with new responsibilities and decisions. So that you, your children, and your grandchildren can prepare for this challenge together, our Warburg Banking School offers both practical and technical insights into various financial topics.

Tangible Assets and Shareholdings

In addition to classics such as stocks, bonds, and investment funds, a diversified portfolio also includes tangible assets such as property. The best possible risk structure is usually achieved by combining liquid assets with illiquid investments aimed at the longer term. These include real estate as well as the asset classes of private equity, venture capital, and private debt. In those asset classes, investments are made over the long term in segments that feature a different risk structure than the markets for stocks and bonds, thus making them a sensible potential supplement for your portfolio.

When making a decision to invest in tangible assets, it is especially important to carry out a calculated product analysis beforehand and to appropriately diversify across several investments. Our Advisory Office is therefore not only familiar with the analysis of liquid investment markets, but it also monitors the market for investments in tangible assets for our clients on an ongoing basis. As a result, we offer you a focused selection of opportunities to invest in tangible assets.

To provide you with transparency regarding your portfolio of tangible assets even after the investment, we will be happy to create a portfolio report for you upon request. This report illustrates the structure of your investments in tangible assets as well as the current development of those investments. Of course, we will also include investments made externally in the report. Just get in touch with us.

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