Asset management

Time is more precious than ever. Gain more free time by putting the management of your assets in professional hands. Entrust our experienced portfolio managers with this important task. You'll maintain an overview of your assets, even in turbulent times.

The starting point is a binding investment strategy worked out with you on the basis of your personal economic objectives and your risk tolerance. Whether it's more cautious and conservative or opportunity-oriented and with higher risk: based on comprehensive information, you decide which strategies best meet your objectives. As your asset manager, we then take on the investment of your liquid assets and provide you with transparent and clear information about portfolio adjustments as well as the performance of your assets.

You benefit from the added value of active management – opportunities that present themselves on the capital market are exploited. In order to meet the challenges of the daily flood of information, we rely on the expertise of our excellent research department and our proven tactical allocation process – we assume the responsibility for you.
Let our advisors provide you with detailed insight. We'll work with you to find the optimal investment strategy and then implement it on your behalf.

Our asset management team has received numerous awards from independent institutions. You can find a current overview of portfolios and their performance at the website of the analysis institution Firstfive under "Rankings" by clicking on the following link:


You can follow the performance of the sample portfolios that our asset manager Daniel Hupfer maintains each day in Handelsblatt newspaper. There, he explains his assessments of market events and the effects on investment decisions:


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