The Present

The bank continues to be involved in subsidiary banks. It has expanded its circle of partners and recently completed a successful generational change.

2008    A stake in Schwäbische Bank in Stuttgart is acquired.

2009    Joachim Olearius and Dr. Henneke Lütgerath join as partners.

2010    A share of 80% of Zurich family office bank Private Client Partners is acquired; the remaining 49% of Bankhaus Carl F. Plump is acquired from Sparkasse Bremen; Eckhard Fiene joins the bank as a partner.

2011    Dr. Peter Rentrop-Schmid joins the bank as a partner.

2012    The office in Munich is established.

2014    Dr. Christian Olearius (chairman) and Max Warburg (deputy chairman) move to the supervisory board; Joachim Olearius becomes spokesman for the partners.

2015    The remaining shares of Schwäbische Bank are acquired.

2016    Subsidiaries Bankhaus Hallbaum, Bankhaus Löbbecke, Bankhaus Plump and Schwäbische Bank are merged with M.M.Warburg & CO. and continue to operate as branches.

2017    Sell off of the private banking business of M.M.Warburg Bank (Switzerland) to St. Galler Kantonalbank; Dr. Henneke Lütgerath moves from the Partner group to the Shareholders’ Committee.

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