In the Credit Service division, we manage credits within the framework of trust and service agreements. We develop individual utilization strategies on the basis of our many years of experience for our clients, domestic and foreign banks and private as well as institutional financial investors.

Collaboration with us can vary in terms of the phases involved as well as the level of intensity. We would also be happy to assist you in purchasing accounts receivable. We prefer the acquisition of claims secured by mortgage, but we do not expressly exclude the purchase of unsecured claims or claims relating to insolvency proceedings. For the determination of fair and adequate purchase prices, we maintain straightforward processes and deliver standardized and comprehensible contracts that completely meet the legal requirements as well as the current provisions relating to data protection.

Purchase of Accounts Receivable

When purchasing portfolios of accounts receivable, further transactions should be concluded that can guarantee stable utilization proceeds over the long term. The level of recognition our bank has achieved as a processing specialist for difficult cases helps to keep the pipeline of receivables to be processed well stocked. The recently weakened market activity in trading default accounts receivable poses new challenges that have to be faced.

The permanent monitoring of the market and the continuous exchange with other market participants will continue and will lead to the identification of new business ideas as well as their implementation within the framework of the supervisory regulations.

Receivables and Collateral Management

We offer the holders of default receivables a service of holding and managing their portfolios of receivables. In doing so, managing collateral is of central importance. In certain cases, we take over the institutional management of real estate. In each case, the risk assessment of the owner serves as the basis for a coordinated liquidation and utilization strategy, and the owner retains their full influence. To round off our service offering, we are a licensed collections agency, which permits us to collect receivables on behalf of our clients.

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