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Those who choose asset management by M.M.Warburg & CO benefit in many ways: You gain flexibility by placing the structuring of your assets in the hands of our experts. And you will benefit from the excellent know-how of our Asset Managers, who professionally manage your portfolio. Among all the types of specialist finesse in wealth management, for us one counts especially: Trust. Our actions are, therefore, always transparent and understandable. Test us on our abilities now.

Klaus Sojer
Head of Private Banking Germany
Private Banking
We are proud that our asset management has won many awards from independent institutes.
Daniel Raab, Head of Private Banking Cologne

Our experts by your side

Daniel Hupfer, Portfolio Management, Asset Management
Direct investments in shares offer a high level of transparency and legal safety.

In our individual securities strategies, we aim to share our conviction as well as our expertise in individual assets with our clients. With our experienced team, we search for and assess the best investment ideas from all over the world and implement them consistently for you.

Daniel Hupfer,
Head of Portfolio Management

Britta Grashoff, Private Banking / Private Asset Management
We take sustainability factors into account in addition to financial aspects.

Based on our long-standing experience, we have developed a multi-level filter for sustainable and responsible investment, in which your personal values play a special role.

Britta Grashoff,
Head of Private Banking Bremen

Christian Jasperneite, Investments, Asset Management
We deliver investment ideas for our clients which cover the entire investment spectrum.

We see ourselves as portfolio managers who place great value on well-founded research: We work intensively with economic analyses, quantitative strategies and detailed equity research.

Dr. Christian Jasperneite,
Chief Investment Officer


Our awards

Handelsblatt Beste Banken
Handelsblatt Beste Banken
Capital Top Robo-Advisor for Sustainable financial Investments
Capital Top Robo-Advisor for Sustainable financial Investments

Warburg Navigator: Our digital asset management

For assets of EUR 20,000 and above and clients who want to keep their finger on the digital pulse, we offer you access to the expertise of our portfolio managers with the Warburg Navigator. The Warburg Navigator combines the strengths of a robo-advisor in financial investment with the expertise of decades-long experience in asset management at Warburg Bank. Investors can delegate the investment decision to experts in this way and invest their money for the long term on the capital market. The digital asset manager invests money globally in up to 24 markets through ETFs and actively managed funds.

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Global approach

International securities portfolio


Broad spread of securities over asset class

Active management

Clear opinion on the capital market


Basic investments + megatrends/opportunities


Understandable investment decisions


Individual strategies for individual situations

Our asset management at a glance

Our investment process

The investment strategy we agree with you takes into account your long-term investment goals and risk propensity, and thus defines a strategic allocation. This serves as a starting point for all the investment decisions we make for you within the framework of the investment process.


Tactical allocation

In order to assess the development of the capital markets precisely, our experts analyse global economic developments daily using macro-research. This consolidated knowledge forms the basis of the decision on which asset classes, regions and branches we invest in.



In the second step, we decide in the selection which individual securities – for example, shares or bonds – within this tactical allocation to invest in. Our in-house Warburg Research and first-class external analyses support us with decision making here.


Risk management

High value stability in combination with a careful investment strategy are the essential preconditions for long-term and real asset preservation. Through active and comprehensive risk management, we focus on recognising major crises early and preserving capital in the long term through a weatherproof portfolio.

Your business in safe hands

Trust forms the basis of a long-standing and positive business relationship. We are always there to assist you and your company with our global capital and trading market expertise, as well as with our independent advice, and we are a reliable and safe partner. Let's get started!