Phishing scam: important notice

Currently, the spread of the coronavirus and its associated uncertainty is increasingly being abused to gain fraudulent access to sensitive bank data by means of fake emails, or so-called "phishing". Email recipients, e.g. bank clients, are directed via a link to an authentic looking website, which sends the submitted data directly to the fraudsters, or requests that sensitive data be sent by email to the fake email address.
Please note: We will never ask you to disclose sensitive data in an email.
General security tips on dealing with emails can be found e.g. on the website of the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology under (german)
If in doubt, or if you have already forwarded sensitive data, please contact your relationship manager in the bank or contact us under the following telephone numbers or email addresses:
Free of charge throughout Germany: Phone 0800 72 33 982

International: Phone +49 201 3101 370


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