We want to provide effective help; we therefore focus our support. Our social commitment dates back to 1913: the former Hamburgische Gesellschaft – now called Hamburgische Brücke (“Hamburg bridge”) – serves as a link between wealthy individuals, associations, and foundations on the one hand, and those in need of assistance on the other. Those in need are helped regardless of their circumstances, the type of assistance they require, or their faith.

Both then and now, the focus of the assistance is on people. Hamburgische Brücke offers individual assistance, supports mentally ill people, provides home care, and is rising to a new social challenge: dementia.

The Warburg-Melchior-Olearius Foundation emergedfrom the Warburg Stiftung, which supports employees and their families at old age or during emergencies.

In the area of culture and historic preservation, we support selected projects in northern Germany and the Brandenburg area, including the Elbphilharmonie Foundation, the Hamburg State Opera, the John Neumeier Foundation, and the Thalia Theater.

Furthermore we support our employees' social commitment as well as their activities in various kinds of sports.

Our shareholders and partners take part in many social projects as honorary members.

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