Online banking

Online banking allows you to carry out your banking transactions worldwide and at any time, flexibly and easily.

Clear account information, payment transactions, securities accounts, postbox and credit card statements on a daily basis.

For authentication and authorisation of orders, we offer you two TAN procedures and the electronic signature (HBCI with signature):


With this procedure, you determine the six digits transaction number (TAN) by TAN-generator, made available by us.

Instructions for Use of TAN-Generator

Mobile TAN

Alternatively with mobile TAN, you receive the TAN by SMS to the mobile number you have provided.

Instructions for Use of mobile TAN

HBCI with Electronic Signature

By using HBCI with electronic signature your orders will be authorized by a generated and password-protected electronic signature. For this, you will need financial software installed on your computer and an external storage medium.

Of course, you may use all of the various procedures.

Our online shop contains individual online banking solutions (e.g. banking applications or the multi-banking financial software "windata").


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