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Online banking allows you to carry out your banking transactions worldwide and at any time, flexibly and easily.

Clear account information, payment transactions, securities accounts, postbox and credit card statements on a daily basis.

Information & Notes

Online banking support

Online banking customer support 06:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.:

Domestic (toll-free)
Phone 0800 72 33 982

International (6 cents per call):
Phone +49 40 3282 2332


Blocking Hotline

available 24 hours

Domestic (toll-free)
Phone +49 800 588 78 25

International and from mobile network
Phone +49 201 31 01-102


National (6 cents/call)
(from mobile network plus your mobile charges)

Tel. +49 1802 000 401

Tel. +49 201 3101 371


PSD2 / Access To Account

National (6 cents/call)
(from mobile network plus your mobile charges)

Tel. +49 1802 354 724

Tel. +49 201 3101 1827


For the legitimation and authorization of your orders, we offer two TAN procedures and the electronic signature (HBCI with signature):


With this procedure, you determine the six digits transaction number (TAN) by TAN-generator, made available by us.

Mobile TAN

Alternatively with mobile TAN, you receive the TAN by SMS to the mobile number you have provided.

HBCI with Electronic Signature

By using HBCI with electronic signature your orders will be authorized by a generated and password-protected electronic signature. For this, you will need financial software installed on your computer and an external storage medium.

Of course, you may use all of the various procedures.

Our online shop contains individual online banking solutions (e.g. banking applications or the multi-banking financial software "windata").

Online Shop

Online shop

Whether you're looking for banking applications for mobile phone or tablet, banking software for your computer or network-compatible cash management solutions, HBCI cards or POS terminals, in our shop you will find everything for secure, simple, flexible and clear payment transactions.

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Use our cash management/EBICS service for corporate customers to process your payment transactions.

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