Sustainable financial investment Sustainable financial investment
Sustainable financial investment

Why sustainable financial investments are the investments of the future

We’re convinced: Sustainable investing and returns are not mutually exclusive! By analysing investment securities using ESG criteria, opportunities and risks can be evaluated in greater detail than by classical economic analysis alone. Well-founded research, sophisticated processes and a great deal of experience are required for viable and successful financial investment in the area of ESG. This enables us to assess investments even better – an added advantage that pays off for you!

Klaus Sojer
Head of Private Banking Germany
Private Banking

Our experts by your side

We make an active contribution to the transformation processes of individual companies.

We use our voting rights to pursue the objectives of sustainability criteria in asset management. The more actors do this, the more the capital market will contribute decisively to greater sustainability in the economy.

Daniel Huber,
Portfolio Manager und ESG specialist


Sustainability is a matter of definition.

One client had her own unique vision of sustainability, so we developed an individual investment strategy and implemented it in her portfolio. The best investment idea can only add value if it takes all requirements into account.

Britta Grashoff,
Head of Private Banking Bremen

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Handelsblatt Beste Banken
Handelsblatt Beste Banken
Capital Top Robo-Advisor for Sustainable financial Investments
Capital Top Robo-Advisor for Sustainable financial Investments

Responsible investment

ESG criteria at a glance

Sustainable investing doesn’t just focus on environmental protection. Themes such as compliance with human rights standards or the avoidance of bribery and corruption likewise play an important role in the evaluation of companies and states.



  • Investments in renewable energies
  • Efficient handling of energy and raw materials
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Environmentally friendly production and products


  • Compliance with core labour rights
  • Non-discrimination obligations
  • High standards of occupational health & safety
  • Fair workplace conditions
  • Freedom of association and trade unions


  • Transparent anti-corruption and anti-bribery measures
  • Appropriate and transparent executive pay with the aim of long-term and sustainable corporate development
  • Reinforcement of shareholder rights

How we bring sustainability to your portfolio

At M.M.Warburg & CO, we have developed our own unique sustainability methodology to test and select capital investments in a multi-level process. 


Our exclusion criteria

We look behind the scenes. With the help of a comprehensive database of our ESG research provider MSCI, we filter out companies that generate revenue from controversial weapons or are involved in seriously controversial business practices, such as child labour. In addition, companies which achieve high turnover through the mining of thermal coal are excluded, since this is accompanied by significant environmental damage.


Selection of best in class

We analyse at sector level which companies are the most sustainable and exclude companies assessed as below-average in sustainability based on the MSCI ESG Ratings in the sector comparison. In so doing, we avoid the exclusion of entire industries and promote competition for greater sustainability within a sector.


Qualitative & economic analysis

Lastly, the remaining investment universe is assessed qualitatively by M.M.Warburg & CO’s investment experts. Only after taking into account further aspects of ESG and an intensive economic analysis of the investments is release for an investment made.


What effect: Impact investments

In the area of impact investments, we invest in companies which make a particular contribution relating to ESG criteria. In addition to green bonds, we acquire funds which, for example, grant microfinance credits in emerging markets.



A substantial risk in sustainable asset investment is so-called ‘greenwashing’, or the making of misleading or unverifiable statements relating to the sustainability of investments. We avoid greenwashing by strict implementation of the sustainability criteria described on this page.



Through active ownership strategies, we engage in long-term and constructive dialogue with portfolio companies, point out potential for improvement and work toward corresponding changes. We supervise the implementation of our recommendations for action. 

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