On the current situation in Ukraine: Important information for our customers

For the German Government, the military aggression of the Russian Federation against the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine represents a serious breach of international law and a gross violation of the Charter of the United Nations. In response to the ongoing attacks by Russian forces in Ukraine, the German government, together with the leaders of the EU and the G7 (including the USA, Canada, the UK., etc.), has adopted far-reaching economic and financial sanctions.

These sanctions are an addition or extension of the EU sanctions already in place since 2014. We at M.M.Warburg & CO support this decision and are consistently implementing these sanctions. We are following the current developments in Ukraine with great concern and dismay. Our thoughts and sympathy are with the people in Ukraine.

In the following, we have compiled important information to help our customers and interested parties to understand the current situation and the effects of the measures.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your personal advisor.

Information on sanctions imposed and their sources

Possible effects for you

Impact on markets


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